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• 11/27/2017

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• 8/28/2014

New visual editor test

Since we are in slow time in between episodes, I decided to make a little expirment and turned on the New visual editor feature for a week.
Due to my editing practice I am a bit biased against it, so i'd apricate if you guys can check it out and provide a bit feedback. Just hit edit on couple of articles with diffrent layouts\templates and see if its offers an improvment to what you had before or not. 
Thanks, Mor.
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• 8/25/2014

TFS site rss feed.

I am not happy with the 'TFS forum' RSS activity feed on our mainpage. Since it include profile updates, which doesn't seem to be moderated there. Right now, all recent updates from there are profile updates, with link to illicit content, from users who seem to register for only that purpose. In other words spam bots.
Unless we can get more limited feed for forum post only, or the admin there apply more strict policy, the feed has to be removed.
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• 8/17/2014

Update from Apollo91 - August

Admin Update
I would like to welcome one of our newest Admin, Mor123! As you may notice, there has been a lot of changes coming to the Wiki. The look is coming along great and its thanks to his editing! If you see him around, make sure you say hello!

Whats Happening Now
As you can tell, we are updating the layout of the site and going through and adding links and everything. We are still in need of contributors, so if you know someone who knows a lot about the Frontiers Saga or just an avid reader, tell them about the site!
Please excuse our mess, we are currently remodeling!
Still need content. We will be updating tonight the articles that we need to work on primarily.
If you would like to see all the changes being made visit The Wiki Activity Page
Update on Episode 12
As many of you know, the release of Episode 12 has been slightly pushed back. Don't worry, don't worry, he will be getting it out hopefully the first week of September. He did how ever, do an interview on Architect Apprentice. He talked about how he designed The Frontiers Saga, and his vision for the future of the series and universe. He also tells us how it all came to him and how he plans each book and each part. If you would like to listen to this podcast just click here! You get to take a look into the mind of Ryk Brown.

Current Primary Focus
We need contributors. We have a couple of people helping out on the site, but we need more so recruit recruit recruit :) if you have any questions about anything feel free to contact one of the admins!
Happy Editing!
~Apollo (talk) 06:12, August 8, 2014 (UTC)
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• 8/15/2014

Forum names

Just a quick thought. What if we change the sub-forum names to something more TFS appropriate. For example:

New on The Frontiers Saga Wiki -> The Briefing Room.
Development -> Engineering or The Fabricator
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• 8/8/2014

Home Page Development

Went to put a promotion template up on the home page (can be found at Template:Promotion) and for some reason it pushed the info panel down on the right side. I used the .promo in the CSS along with a tags. 
Need to take a look and see where the coding went wrong, or if i'm just over looking something. I suspect what is happening is the templates is pushing the other columns down. going to see if adding the " clear: both;" CSS code resolves the issue.
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• 8/6/2014

Extra references material.

I thought it might be useful to highlight various tid bits, courtesy of Ryk as the come long i.e. all that stuff you can't find in the book and might be nice to know and add to the wiki.
Just posted: Some info on Aurora crew ages
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• 5/6/2014

Home Page Layout

As you can probably tell, I have changed the front page layout. If you like it or if you don't like it let me know! I'm always open to suggestions and this isn't a closed minded wiki :)
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• 5/4/2014

Fan Art

I'm looking for someone who can draw up some fan art and post it in the forums here. I'd like to see some other peoples persepective on how certain things look. It can be anything from the Takarn Battle Ships to Tanna's hand held rebel weapons. This, in my thought will help with fan fiction!
Happy Editting
Apollo Out.
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• 5/3/2014


Force GD is the new administator for the Frontiers Saga Wiki.
Apollo (talk) 07:35, May 3, 2014 (UTC)
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• 5/3/2014

New on the Frontiers Saga Wiki

If you're new to the Frontiers Saga Wiki this is just a place for you to come to introduce your self to the fellow fans. I will start :)
I'm Apollo. I started reading the books around the time that episode 10 came out. I had a fellow co-worker introduce me and since then I have become absolutly hooked on the entire universe. I feel like those people did when Star Trek first came out and they got to watch the entire universe unfold. Any ways, in real life i'm an emergency medical dispatcher and spend the majority of my time on the computer. I'm part of my states National Guard so I do have military experiance. 
I'm happy that you have joined the wiki and look forward to the great and amazing work that you will be doing!
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