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• 8/15/2014

Forum names

Just a quick thought. What if we change the sub-forum names to something more TFS appropriate. For example:

  • New on The Frontiers Saga Wiki -> The Briefing Room.
  • Development -> Engineering or The Fabricator
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• 8/15/2014

Actually is a great idea. Maybe it will spark activity and bring in some new people as well. 

Possible chances:

Development -> Engineering (I like that one lol)

New on The Frontiers Saga Wiki -> ?

News and Announcements -> The Briefing Room (IMO seems a little more fitting :p)

General Discussion -> Mess Hall (?) 

Just suggestions. I liked the once you came up with. What we need to do is get more contributors which seems hard to do. I'm not sure if it's just where the saga is starting out or what but I guess we will see when everything moves along. 

• 8/20/2014
Changed the forum names. Thoughts? Comments?
• 8/25/2014

looks fine, but I am not sure that the "Engineering" forum should be for admins discussions only. There isn't that many of us and we already have more than enough ways to communicate, i'd prefer if it was a general questions and suggestions section for general wiki design and policy issues, where everyone should feel free to post.

• 8/29/2014

With that in mind I have expanded the descriptions, thought? Also maybe instead of "New Recruits" we can go for something like academy or flight simulator.

• 10/10/2014

I like your idea :)

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