Update from Apollo91 - August

Admin Update

I would like to welcome one of our newest Admin, Mor123! As you may notice, there has been a lot of changes coming to the Wiki. The look is coming along great and its thanks to his editing! If you see him around, make sure you say hello!

Whats Happening Now

  • As you can tell, we are updating the layout of the site and going through and adding links and everything. We are still in need of contributors, so if you know someone who knows a lot about the Frontiers Saga or just an avid reader, tell them about the site!
  • Please excuse our mess, we are currently remodeling!
  • Still need content. We will be updating tonight the articles that we need to work on primarily.
  • If you would like to see all the changes being made visit The Wiki Activity Page

Update on Episode 12

As many of you know, the release of Episode 12 has been slightly pushed back. Don't worry, don't worry, he will be getting it out hopefully the first week of September. He did how ever, do an interview on Architect Apprentice. He talked about how he designed The Frontiers Saga, and his vision for the future of the series and universe. He also tells us how it all came to him and how he plans each book and each part. If you would like to listen to this podcast just click here! You get to take a look into the mind of Ryk Brown.

Current Primary Focus

We need contributors. We have a couple of people helping out on the site, but we need more so recruit recruit recruit :) if you have any questions about anything feel free to contact one of the admins!

Happy Editing!

~Apollo (talk) 06:12, August 8, 2014 (UTC)