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The Alliance also known as Earth-Pentaurus Alliance was military and trade alliance between the United Earth Republic and Pentaurus Cluster goverments, which was formed in 3472.



Federal Constitutional Confederation


United Earth Republic


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The alliance was founded by then Acting-Captain Nathan Scott on behalf of the UER as the highest ranking member of the UER EDF in the Pentaurus Cluster.

The Pentaurus Cluster War[]

The Pentaurus Cluster War consists of the military campaigns fought to liberate the Pentaurus Cluster from the Takaran Empire. Notable Campaigns include the Battle of Ancot, the Defense of Darvano, and the Battle for Takara.

The Alliance succesfully liberatred the people of the Pentaurus Cluster removing Caius Takar from power.

The Sol-Tannan Liberation[]

The Sol-Tannan Liberation consists of the military campaigns fought to liberate Earth after the Aurora returned from the PC War. In order to secure the logisitcal support required for liberating the Earth of the Jung Occupational Forces, Captain Nathan Scott negotiates with Tannan leaders. In exchange for membership in the Alliance and therfore liberation of Tanna from the Jung, Tanna agreed to provide all military and humanitarian support to the UER in liberating Sol.

Prince Casimir Takar, as head of Ta'kara and Karuzara is attempting to rally support for the UER's Defense; to that end he has formally passed on Leadership of Karuzara Nation to Commander Dumar. Under Commander Dumar and backed financially by the House of Takar, Karuzara sent a flight of 20 Jump-Falcon 402s turning the tide of battle and creating the conditions that ultimately won the Second Defense of Earth.

Alliance Members[]

Founding Members: United Earth Republic, Corinair and Karuzara.

Ratified Members: Ta'kara and Tanna.

Known alliance clauses[]

  1. all parties must agree to provide any and all military aid as is reasonably necessary to protect and defend the sovereignty of a member from any and all aggressors. As long as it does not jeopardize their own security.
  2. all parties will share all knowledge, history, and technology, both military and otherwise with any and all members.
  3. all parties will provide reasonable humanitarian aid when needed to any and all members.