The Ghatazhak were Ta'Karan special forces. The Ghatazhak were highly trained, highly motivated, highly loyal imperial warriors who were utilized as shock troops. They had no fear of death. They only feared death without honor. The only way for a Ghatazhak to die was in the service of his emperor and the destruction of the empire's enemies.

The physical augmentation systems of the Ghatazhak combat suits gave them both speed and strength in addition to armor. It gave them an almost God-like ability to destroy their opponents on the battlefield, a fact that they enjoyed immensely.

The Ghatazhak employed landers for fast and position accurate orbital insertion. Their lander Resembleg an I-beam, their fuselage was an open concept that allowed twenty Ghatazhak, all clad in pressurized combat armor, to stand along either side of the long ships with their weapons pointed outward in order to fire at will on approach.