Jonas Prechitt had been a member of the Corinari since his return from Takaran imperial service over a decade ago. His imperial service had seen no action as he had been stationed at the Norwitt garrison, a small training outpost used for space fighters. It had been there that his interest in flying had been aroused. He had spent four years observing the Takaran-born officers as they went through their flight training, dreaming of being in the cockpit himself.

It wasn't until he had returned to his homeworld of Corinair and enrolled in the Corinari that he got his chance. Corinari Command had recognized the major's natural abilities, as well as the above average understanding of flight dynamics that he had gleaned from all those years of observation.

Although he had been training for over a decade, the battle of Darvano was the first time he had fired his weapons at an enemy. During the post-Yamaro chaos, he had been called upon to destroy two of their own missile bases, as well as to intercept and destroy the missiles that had targeted the Aurora, the latter of which had not only earned him his promotion to Major, but had also landed him the assignment as the commanding officer of the Corinari fighter wing assigned to the Aurora. Where he served as the ‘CAG’ (Commander of the Aerospace Group).

After the events of the second battle of Darvano where most of the Corinair government and Corinari leaders where missing or dead from the bombardment of the battleship Wallach Major Prechitt had briefly assumed the role as the acting commander of all Corinari forces as the highest ranking living member of the Corinairs. Following the victory in the Takaran campaign, Major Prechitt decided to remain stationed on Aurora, as part of the Corinari Alliance taskforce. In the events after the second battle of Darvano he protected the Corinair PM from the assassination attempt of the translator and gains so the respect of the PM and the approving of his new post as acting commander of the Corinaris.

He was given the call signs 'Preacher'.

Actions during first battle of Darvano Edit

Shooting down the nukes which was heading to Aurora and launched by Takaran agents in the last events of the battle to destroy the jump technology.

Actions during second battle of Darvano Edit

Acting as CAG of the Auroras flight group

Actions during Savoy mission Edit

Acting as CAG of the Auroras flight group

In the aftermath of the Savoy mission as the government of Corinair was recovered he was present in the events of assassination attempt of one of the PM's translators and was not hesitant to protect the PM with his own body.

Action during battle of Ta'Akar

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