Family name Hayes
First name Josh
Alliance Rank Ensign
Skills Pilot (Explore class, F302 Falcon, Shuttle)
Call sign Hotshot
Alliance Rank Ensign
Home Plant Unknown
First Encountered Haven System, Ring Miner
Next of kin Master Sergeants Taggart (Guardian)
Current Assignment Alliance Falcon Air Wing
Base Karuzara
Commanding Officer Commander Prechitt

Josh Hayes was about 17-18 years old. He looks a small and wiry, and has shaggy blond hair atop a boyish face.

He is a good natural pilot, but most of the others have some fear of his skills at the piloting seat.

At Haven he was piloting with Loki a Harvester. Later he was assigned as the primary pilot of the Aurora and even he was often piloting the Falcon, Tug's old Interceptor.

As of entering the core he and Loki flown more recon missions with the Falcon.

Actions on Tanna during first recon misson

As Loki and Josh was out to recon Tanna, they came to near on the 5th moon of Tanna so that there start instantly a wild hunt from the Jung against the Falcon, there Josh shows off his flying talents by first descending in high speed to Tanna and braking backwards down, do a crazy catch game with the Jung interceptors in some canyons, crashing in to a waterfall placing instantly a decoy by creating with some com drones and a rocket a faked crash side, crash landing in a covered cave above the waterfalls to hide of. There they made contact with the local resistance so that they help them out with a diversion attack so that Josh was able to flight of with the messed up Falcon to orbit. There they Loki then come off with a plan to made fast jumps back to aurora in there nearby ripped off air frame in a result of making 87 jumps in a row. They barely made it back to Auroras flight deck where Josh who was more exposed to the radiation of the jump field was then in for several weeks on recovery and surgery by nanites.

Action at first Jung attack at Metis

Josh didn't hesitate to attack by its own the attacking second Jung gunship as soon as he recognizes that the ship was on the way to leave Metis comm shadow to alert the other Jungs of the position of his friends. There he made it to cut the engines of the Gunship as even the comm array down.

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