Early Life[edit | edit source]

Nathan Scott, youngest son of Marlene and Dayton Scott, grew up in a life style of politics and political debates. He was born into an era of technological growth and planet wide cooperation since the discovery of the Data Ark prior to his birth. He traveled quite frequently as a young child and not much is known about his childhood before his teenage years. His father, Dayton Scott was a politician, like his father before him, and his father before him. He had gotten used to the paparazzi that followed a politician of the new era. He had an older brother, Eli Scott, who he did not get along with. The two got into multiple altercations from an early age. His brother always wanted to be like his father but Nathan never really wanted that. He wanted something different, something new and exciting. Growing up all he could think about was getting away, not really caring how it happened or where he went. Nathan was tired of the pictures and fake posing as a poster family for the entire North American Union to look at. It only got worse when his father became a Senator of the NAU. He was thrown even further into a world that he didn't care to much for.

Finally the time had come for Nathan to make his own choices. He went to college and obtained a higher education. It's not really known if he did so to get away from his father and the lifestyle that he hated, or if it was for his own personal gain. During college he found that he was still haunted by his father's shadow in a world he hated so much. And so, despite his father's disapproval, decided joined the Earth's Defense Fleet, thinking that it will get him away from his family.

Earth Defense Force[edit | edit source]

At the age 28, Nathan graduated after four years in the North American Fleet academy, rated as a navigator and a pilot. Fresh out of the academy, Ensign Scott was stationed on the Reliant an older model ship of the fleet as a third shift pilot, but reassigned to the Aurora CV-01, a brand new ship that was about to embark on its first test flight.


Captain Nathan Scott[edit | edit source]

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