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Pentaurus Cluster - not a 3D chart

Pentaurus Cluster chart in 2D

The Pentaurus Cluster located some 1000 light years from earth and contains 16 systems. It is the location where the UES Aurora "jumped" following the engagement with two Jung gunboats in the Oort Cloud.


Takar systemEdit

Home system of the Ta'Karan Empire. The system contains eight inhabited planets including three planets and five moons. It is heavily populated, with twenty billion people on Takara alone.

Darvano systemEdit

The Darvano system is the most heavily populated system in the Pentaurus Cluster, other than the Takara system. The city Aitkenna, Corinair is the seat of government for the entire system, and the capital of Corinair.

The Darvano system was originally an ally of the Ta'Akar. They were conquered and forced to accept the rule of Caius just over thirty years prior to TFS.

Savoy systemEdit

Contains a sole inhabited world Ancot, an agricultural world.

Haven systemEdit

Main article: Haven system

The system contains only one planet, a gas giant with many moons. The planet's rings are full of all manner of ores, minerals, and water ice. And the planet’s atmosphere is rich in many useful gases as well.

The system primary business is the harvesting of her vast ring systems. Ships come from all over the quadrant to fill their holds with the resources harvested here, for which they pay a duty to the Families that control this system.

Haven City, the only city and spaceport in the system, located on one of those moons.

Taroa systemEdit

Taroa has eleven planets, two of which are inhabited, along with three more reformed moons that are also inhabited. During the Karuzari Rebellion, the Karuzari use one of the moons as base, it was glassed by Takaran, battleships the Avendahl. Taroa is where Aurora originally entered the cluster.

Palee SystemEdit

Under Takaran rule, Palee was a perimeter system and its world rarely visited (also located as far from Corinair as one can get). The people of Palee have their own language, which is considered difficult, which is why it was adopted by the Karuzari.


  • Borne
  • Darvand
  • Devi
  • Dobson
  • Haydon
  • Juntor
  • Norwitt
  • Korak
  • Palee
  • Paradar
  • Volon

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