Battle of tanna

Liberation of Tanna from Jung occupation

Tanna is fourth planet in the 72 Herculis system, settled in 2416. Tanna was a corporate colony started by one of the interstellar mega-corps of Earth. It was intended to be an industrial base to support colonization efforts farther out in the fringe systems.

At the time of the Bio-Digital Plague outbreak, Tanna settlement was only twenty-two years old, with Population of seven thousand, mostly miners and their families as well as infrastructure support personnel. It was somewhat industrialized, yet still dependent on support from the core worlds to survive. They were expect to had a hard time of it after the plague struck.

The Jung occupation started sometime before 3442. They leveled entire cities with nuclear weapons. Tanna was on the extreme edge of Jung occupied space.

It was liberated with help of the Alliance ship Aurora and its compliment of Ghatazhak warriors.

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