The Falcon Schematics


The Falcon in action

The Falcon or 402 was deep space interceptors capabilities, employed by the Takaran Empire. The interceptors was designed for a crew of two, with atmospheric engines, space propulsion, and a faster than light drive(FTL). Later under Caius's rule, the interceptor was replaced by smaller sub-light fighters derivatives to be employed on Takaran FTL warships.

The Falcon was Tug's old 402 from the days he flew in the Palee militia, it was first dubbed so by Nathan Scott. The Falcon was upgraded by the Aurora to also have a Jump Drive. The Falcon is capable of vertical take off and with the Jump Drive, be in space within seconds after takeoff. Paired with the Falcon's ability to get to where it is needed fast, the falcon also has a plasma cannon on a ball turret and an internal weapons bay to contain a variety of missiles and counter measures. The Falcon is primarily used as a reconnaissance ship, and has been repainted with a black polymer that reduces the light reflected, making it near impossible for it to be spotted during its cold coast reconnaissance missions.