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We are still in the need of contributors. Even if it is in some small way, any help is better than no help. As of right now, the skeleton of the site is complete and operational so that means that we just need to start filling in articles with information that we have available. We are also searching for Fan Art. This includes anything from the Aurora to a Takaran Flag. Any Fan Art will be appreciated and placed on the site for everyone to enjoy, and yes we will make sure that you are properly credited for you work. As the site grows, we hope that the information will grow as well. If you don't know where to start or what page to start on, check the listings below or on the top menu bar select Random Page and get started! As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me or Mor

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A world in chaos…
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Captain Nathan Scott must decide whether to stand and fight to the end, or live to fight another day… even if it means the end of his world.

“Born of the Ashes” is a 122,000 word novel, and is the 11th episode in The Frontiers Saga.

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About The Frontiers Saga

Throughout history, certain discoveries, inventions, events, and even people, have changed the course of civilizations. Occasionally, these elements come together to change the destiny of humanity. The Frontiers Saga is the story of such a moment. The year is 3472. The Earth is recovering from 1,000 years of darkness and despair caused by a bio-digital plague that nearly destroyed her entire population. The discovery of the Data Ark, a repository of human knowledge left behind by their fallen ancestors, has advanced Earth technology the equivalent of 200 years in only a century. As a result, they discovered that they had long ago settled nearby star systems, many of which had grown into massive planetary civilizations that continued to settle further out into space. They also discovered that those worlds had been ravaged by the same plague, and that each had struggled to rise from the ashes and thrive again. One world survived by taking what they needed from their neighbors, by force. Over the centuries, they have risen to become an interstellar empire, and have conquered every human-inhabited world within 50 light years of their home world… except one. Now, the people of Earth rush to prepare a defense against the newly discovered threat. But the nations of the world that spawned humanity may not have the infrastructure, population, and political will necessary to meet such a task. One discovery, one invention, one event, and one man… They all come together to create the spark that changes everything. (TFS)


This Wikia is dedicated to those who are fans of the book series by Ryk Brown called, The Frontiers Saga. While searching this Wikia you may find information out that could be a potential spoiler and may reveal some plots that you didn't know happened unless you read the books. I implore you to search this site with caution and with the knowledge that you may run up on some spoilers. Take this as you Spoiler Alert if you will. Even though this site contains potential spoilers, I still ask that you read the books that Mr. Brown has worked so hard and long on. They are fantastic and this Wikia can not give you the entire feel of the Frontiers Saga Universe.

All information on this site is copyrighted by Ryk Brown. The Frontiers Saga and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Ryk Brown. All Rights Reserved. Mr. Brown has expressed direct permission for the creation of this Wikia and the use of his work.

This Site does also contain some fan fiction that assist in building the Universe that Mr. Brown has created. At any point and time if Ryk Brown decided to remove some or all of the Fan Fiction, he reserves the right to do so, without question nor reason.

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