Space AgeEdit

  • Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Starting the beginning of the Space Age.
24th century
  • Development of stasis technology.

Bio-Digital Plague AftermathEdit

  • Second human expansion period. Earth had 5 fully developed colonies and had just established a dozen more colonies in the "fringe" of human space approxomiately 100 light-years out.
  • The first reported case of the Bio-Digital Plague on Earth.
  • Bio-Digital Plague evolve and spreads, chaos spread on Earth, people flee the core worlds in attempt to escape it.
  • The Data Ark was sealed off to protect it. In the chaos of the following decades, it was forgotten.
  • The plague ran its course. On Earth the population was reduced to only a few million people with natural immunity, who has to start over from scratch. The following seven centuries were brutal for the people on Earth. It took more than two hundred years just for the population to start to increase again.
  • Earth enters industrialization phase.
  • Discovery of the Data Ark, led to an overnight renaissance of science, technology, and manufacturing, allowing Earth to go through a rapid development.

The Frontiers SagaEdit



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