Update 3

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Update 3

We are off to a great start, have about 21 or 22 pages within 12 hours. We have got a new Admin, Force_GD who will be assisting with the Wiki. He's a FS junkie like me lol. 

Still looking for some help with the wiki. Although I now have another person assisting its going to be hard to have a good comprehensive wiki with only 2 people working on it. WIth any luck more will follow from the forum boards and make this into something vast. My main concern is that I just don't want this to fall through and go into a wiki that isn't updated or kept up to date. I mean, we are only on book 10 (11 coming this month!) out of 75 so i hope more people come along.

I extended an offer on the forum, not for sure if it will be seen for people to come and sign up and use the chat system so that we could have a real-time chat about the direction of the wiki and everything. It would be pretty neat to see Ryk pop up has signing up and then on the chat room that we have here.

I also would love to see the pop up of fan ficiton, and watch and see how that goes. Of course Ryk will have the ability to remove any of it that he wants to but still would be interesting to see. 

Well its about quitting time at work, (work night shift) so i'm going to sign off and work more on this tonight. 

Until next time,

Apollo Out

Apollo (talk) 10:31, May 3, 2014 (UTC)

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