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Vladimir Kamenetskiy or Vlad

Vladimir was born and raised just outside of Moscow

He spent four years as infantryman in the European Forces, before he got into the European Fleet Academy. He graduated after four years specializing in computer programming and engineering systems. On his first posting in the fleet Ensign Vladimir was assigned to Aurora CV-01 to Engineering, Main Propulsion & Power. under Lieutenant Commander Patel. He was initially the room mate of Nathan Scot. After the first events in the Pentaurus Cluster he promoted to Chief Engineer (callsing Cheng). Was befriended with Tugs older daughter which he sees like a younger sister and so he takes often care of her.

Confident and self-assured. Had a passion for his work. Is proud of his Russian heritage. Is a laid back character. Likes flirting...

Is a faithfull friend of Nathan Scott whom he often cheers up. Attends often the "private" Meetings at Nathans Ready Room with Jessica and Cameron since Nathan became Captain of the Aurora.

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